Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Poetry Tuesday: Indigestion Nation

I do not deserve these two doughnuts for voting,
These Boston Kreme doughnuts,
These bolsters of sweet.
I do not deserve this large smoothie for waiting,
This Peach Pleasure smoothie,
This vessel of chill.
I am nervously sipping on cream-heavy polls;
I am gingerly resting on peach-flavored pins.

I am wistfully biting my lip into shreds
And consuming desserts that I do not deserve
Because I deserve them,
Food's dim rooms and blankets.
I'm tacos and hot wings and cheddar cheese chips.
I'm butternut squash and dark chocolate with ginger
Till somebody wins.
Until somebody wins.

p.s. I am OUTRAGED that Whole Foods on 14th Street has stopped serving smoothies. Jamba Juice does not cut it.

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