Monday, December 22, 2008

The Morning After

Who brought the baby Jesus this pie?

My 12th Annual Holiday Cookie Party was last night. I woke up this morning, an hour and a half after my alarm started going off, feeling as jittery on sugar as if I'd had several cups of coffee before bed. My stomach growled savagely over the half an orange I then ate, as if my body were suggesting I didn't eat sensibly yesterday.

But the menu seemed sensible to me...

Featured Cookies
1. Butternut Chocolate Chip Cookies (contain pecans) - new recipe!
2. Chocolate Butter Cookies with Mint Glaze
3. Chocolate Wakeups - new recipe!
4. Citrus Sizzlers
5. Cocoa Snowflakes (contain pistachios) - new recipe!
6. Coconut Joe Froggers (vegan) - new recipe!
7. Cornflake Cookies (contain pecans) - new recipe!
8. Deluxe Sugar Cookies to decorate
9. Karen's Pecan Shortbread - new recipe!
10. Lingonberry and Currant Jam Daisies - new recipe!
11. Magnolia Peanut Butterscotch - new recipe!
12. Margarita Cookies - new recipe!
13. Monster Cookies (contain peanuts) - new recipe!
14. Nutella Kisses (contain Hazelnut) - new recipe!
15. Pignoli (contain almonds) - new recipe!
16. Salty Oatmeal Cookies - new recipe!
17. Snickerdoodles
18. Spritz Cookies (contain almond extract)
19. Triple Ginger Spice Cookies

Savory Bites
Artichoke Dip and crackers
Baby Carrots and Hummus
Cheese Puffs
Crispix Mix (vegan)
Dried Wasabi Peas

Bars and Other Sweets
Boy Scout Bars
Cranberry Walnut Bars
Double Decker Marbled Meltaway Fudge (contain peanut butter)
English Toffee (contain almonds)
Midnight Rum Balls (vegan) - new recipe!

Hot Cocoa
Hot Cranberry Tea
Hot Buttered Rum
Milk, Water, Assorted teas

A lot of people have been asking for recipes, so when I have time I will post links for the recipes that can be found on the internet. I'll also talk more specifically about what worked and what didn't work. Right now, though, I've got to get some of these leftovers to work.


rory said...

thanks!!! for having us. My favorite, in order, were:

1. Boy Scout Bars
2. Butternut Chocolate Chip Cookies
3. Nutella Kisses
4. Monster Cookies
and surprisingly (at least to me)
5. Cornflake Cookies

Jennette said...

Rory, that's great to know! I like to hear people's favorites. They're always interesting (and revealing?).

Next year I am going to have the checklist you suggested - and perhaps a tear-off portion for people to vote on their favorites.

mechanic said...

which cinnamon did you use this year? i remember you had preferred one to the other - what was the final decision?

rory said...

cool! I obviously favor the chunks-of-everything-packed-in style.

I actually just got an awesome idea for a cookie recipe: the John Malkovich Cookie.

You bake some cookies (whatever recipe you want -- Chocolate Wakeups perhaps) then you let them sit and get pretty hard, then you break them up into big crumbles and use them as a chunky ingredient for another recipe!

Tia said...

I can't wait to see all the recipe links. They all sound so good! This sounded like a great party! I wish we were still out there so that we could have attended.

Anna said...

Wow. What a line-up! Someday we'll have to make it out to your coast for a holiday. Clearly the cookies are motivation enough (even if the company weren't an attraction as well)!

Jennette said...

Steph - I'm almost out of both my fancy cinnamons [sic], so I mostly used cheap cinnamon. The horror!!

Rory - your cookie ideas are too smart for me.

Tia - I posted links today, though I don't have photos for all of the items! Let me know if there are any recipes you'd like that I didn't have links for.

Jennette said...

Anna - come to NYC any time and I'll bake you cookies no matter what the season!

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