Sunday, November 23, 2008


Walk the Line

Another day; another potluck.

Today was the annual Thanksgiving Shared Meal at church. I had but a paltry plate and a half of food, yet was stuffed so full I feel I must have waddled home. What a way to kick off this holiday season of eating.

Plate 1

I was feeling good about my plate (knowing I'd saved a little room for dessert) when I realized there was a second, smaller table filled with salads and more sides. Eep.

This is an occasion on which you are better off skipping the bread (and I'm a plate mopper from a young age).

Plate 2

As for those desserts, I stayed away from the pie, figuring I'd have plenty of that in a few days. Instead, I went for the cheesecake and peanut-butter related items. This second plate also contains a few stray salads.

Peanut Butter Devil

I could eat only half of an amazing, thick, peanut-butter mousse-y sort of tart or cheesecake piled with white chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, and chopped peanut butter cups(with Oreo crust). My heart said, "Take a whole one," but reason prevailed.


The last bite is the hardest.


Nap Mom said...

Love a potluck! Very yummy pictures!

Jennette said...

Me, too. Thanks for visiting and commenting!

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