Monday, November 3, 2008

A fresh start.

It's the rare snacking political metaphor! In short: I endorse voting tomorrow (if you're eligible). Freshen the breath of our nation, already.


Our relationship with other countries hasn't always left a clean taste in my mouth.


Be vigilant. The small vote can be mighty. Demand yours be counted and consumed.

Mystery mints

Seriously. Let's vote! I like a candidate who is strong, sharp, and whose ideas taste clean.


I found all these mints languishing in Snack Jail. It's sad, really. I just haven't been in a minty mood. Maybe on Wednesday...


Losing Myself said...

curiously strong blog...
I love how you tie everything to snack food. Clever concept.

Thanks for stoppy by my blog, btw.

Jennette said...

Thank you, too!

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