Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Col-Pops with Paul: A Photo Essay

It's not barbecue.

The BBQ in "BBQ Chicken" does not stand for barbecue. This Korean chain found in 37 countries serves "Best of the Best Quality chicken."

BBQ muncher.

Paul sent me a link to this article on BBQ's most inventive invention (and, to me, the only real reason to go there): the Col-Pop. Our trip there today was like attending a mildly exhilarating, mostly fascinating, slightly tamer-than-expected luncheon in an unknown land.

Snack Time!!! The Col-Pop!

Col-Pops begin as medium or large cups of soda/pop/soft drink (though just one can of the beverage is used to fill your cup, regardless of whether you're getting a medium or large Col-Pop) and ice. Choose your flavor from the fridge and hand it to the employee behind the counter as you order.

Next, fried food is prepared in medium or large quantity, according to your order, and placed in a plastic receptacle on top of the cup (covering the soda). The straw sticks up through a special conduit so that you can eat the fried items (shrimp, chicken or "pepper munchers" at this location) while a)having full access to your straw and the soda beneath, and b)carrying everything in one container - and therefore one hand.

BBQ Chicken lobby

All the employees disappeared while our food was being made, so the process of filling the Col-Pop cups remains mysterious.

The flavor of the chicken nuggets was good (a little sweet, chewy, not "fake-tasting") but this was Paul's second trip to BBQ Chicken and he felt that the novelty of his first taste had worn off quite a bit. Plus, we sat down to eat our food while it was hot. Removing the excitement of the food's portability (i.e. not carrying it around and eating on the go) may have made us less thrilled.

Perfectly portable in every way.

I tried the "Pepper Munchers," which were cheesy and slightly spicy but neither particularly peppery (only the slightest specks of green were evident in the chopped filling of the Muncher) nor as good as the chicken.

Needed: dipping sauce. But how would that be integrated into the cup design?

Our lunch

p.s. One of the flags on the "Refreshing Fresh Nap Moist Towelettes" packaging pictured above is an American flag. Anyone recognize the other one?


Nikki said...

I've heard of these BBQ places, but I thought it was an urban myth. Now I have to go search for one. Im excited. Drink+fried chicken snack=a good time~!

Jennette said...

This one is on St. Mark's Place, across the street from the Sock Man or Sock Guy or whatever the sock stand is called.

Hotch Potchery said...

Very interesting...however, when I first started reading I was slightly worried that the chicken was going to be floating in the soda...ha.

Jennette said...

That would be worrisome.

Mechanic said...

maybe you could squirt the sauce on top with a squeeze bottle?

Jennette said...

Good thinking. That would be a better option than none, but might not reach the second/third layer of food.

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