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About Me and Snackreligious

Well, geez.  What do you want to know?  Ask away.
I am from the midwest. I live in Brooklyn, NY.   I like to write and take photos and bake and cook and eat and watch films and knit.  I have a cookie party every year.  If you're not invited it's only because my apartment is too small.  I reside with a cat and an artist and too many books.  My kitchen, thankfully, is not tiny.  My fridge is full.

I've lived in California, Kansas, Iowa, Kansas, New Jersey, and New York.  I've traveled inextensively.  I don't think that's a word.

Though I've held the same "day job" for five years now, I have had a lot of different occupations in the past 15 years.  These include: caterer, grilled-cheese flipper, grant researcher, laundress, data-entry drone, spotlight operator, actor, teacher, writer, secretary, volunteer manager, librarian, event planner, transcriptionist, director, carpenter, hospitality assistant, puppet- and mask-maker, children's bookseller, barista, editor, copywriter, community relations clerk, reader, accompanist, and audio engineer. 

I resisted having a blog for a long time, but started this one (my first) midway through 2008.  I also used to write occasionally (and usually about film) on this group site.  I'm trying to get back to that.

I've never received free snacks/beverages for review from a company or corporation (but, golly, that'd probably be okay).  All opinions are my own, unless otherwise attributed.

-- Jennette

Bonus tidbit: Dan suggested "Snackreligious" when I was trying to think of a good blog name.  How I wish I'd thought of it myself! The "religious" part is open to interpretation, and this site is (mostly) about food, but I do happen to be a PK twice over.

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