Saturday, February 7, 2009

Am I in the minority here?

A good marriage

I have been receiving tips to try various Trader Joe's snackfoods, including their chocolate-covered, peanut-butter-filled pretzels. They've received some rave reviews and I expected to fall in love with chocolate and peanut butter all over again (not that I could care for the combo much more than I already do).

Then, a few weeks ago, I braved a horrendous line at the one NYC Trader Joe's store and, while there, spotted and picked up a bag of this notorious snack for myself. Though they seemed expensive, I was sure they'd be worth it.

Well, maybe. I still say they're overpriced, the bag felt underfilled, and the flavor was less exciting than peanut butter+chocolate+pretzel should be. I tried dipping them into even more peanut butter and ate them while drinking a big cup of milk, which helped a bit, but they remained kind of blah.

Someone want to convince me to try these again? Is it possible I got a bum bag? The one I bought was supposed to expire in July of this year. I wanted so much for these to be worth the $4 or $5 they cost.


go said...

those sound really good to me. but i for one LOVE sweet/savory and peanut butter/chocolate mix. i just awoke from a dream about reese's peanut butter cups too. These sound like a fancy version of those Take 5 candy bars. Ever had one?

Jennette said...

I really like Take 5 bars. I thought I was the biggest chocolate/peanut butter fan ever, too. There's just something lackluster about these for me.

Bets said...

The thing I love from TJ's - triple ginger snaps.

rachel said...

trader joe's chocolate is always a bust. do not fall for it. there is no excuse for messing up pb and chocolate with a pretzel. once, i almost considered throwing tj chocolate away i was so grossed out by its waxy flavorless veneer. however, triple ginger snaps do rock. they are not the kind i dream about when i think of a ginger snap (mi-dels are my fave for the classic ginger snap.) but they are lovely in their own way - mostly in the three-kinds-of-ginger-way.

Jennette said...

Well, the two of you have made it clear I should try the triple ginger snaps. I like the Mi-Del, too, Rachel. I think you were the first person who had me try them. You had me try two kinds, actually. Was the other brand Trader Joe's?

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