Sunday, June 8, 2008

A chip to build a dream on


Give me a chip to build a dream on
And my snackmagination will thrive upon that chip.
Sweetheart, I ask no more than chips --
If they're chips to build a dream on.

Give me the chips before you leave me
And I will use a bagful to feed my hungry heart.
Or leave me one chip before we part,
if it's a chip to build a dream on.

When I'm alone with this flavor...cheesy and rich,
Sour cream to savor...crunching without a hitch...

Give me your chips for just a moment
And my imagination will make that moment live.
Chip me what you alone can give --
A chip to build a dream on

[instrumental break while I eat some chips]

When I'm alone with my bagfull...I can't be bored,
Eating my bagful...making believe there're more.

Give me these chip I've built a dream on.
I can't go to Vermont just to buy myself these chips.
Readers, I ask no more than this.
These are chips to build a dream on.

[Seriously. Anyone see these for sale in NYC? I know they're here somewhere. Thank you, Rachel and Moss, for buying this bag in Vermont and illuminating me.]


la duchessa said...

the jalapeno cheddar cape cod chip MIGHT be my favorite chip ever. MIGHT...

Jennette said...

Must. Try. Soon.

update: this morning I found a place with Cape Cod chips, but neither of those flavors.

Mechanic said...

i've actually been to the factory in cape cod, i am sure they do mail order.

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