Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Poetry Tuesday: Talk To Me, Yan Yan by Meiji

Yan Yan

Here's a normal golden egg,
Mostly golden, not quite gold,
Owl-faced, moony-eyed, and
Short on gumption, pride, and light.
Kokekokko no! That's me not being chicken.
Animal instinct's the tallest mammal
And I've lucky-numbered pieces here.
8 inches of snail mail makes for a slow ride.

So - love it on the pale bakery tip.
Not love, love. I'm in like. Like this. It's
OK to try to gallop, girl, astride a
Crispy kinda cracker stick. We're
Stuck and thin, a skinny swim
In -- sorta chocolate cream to dip.
Butter me up, herbivores. Meet me so
I'm sugar light. But then
Think big and bigger, more:
Sweeten me there, chocolate-like.
Meet me back in.
I'm more active at night.


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