Saturday, November 22, 2008

Salmon I am.

The goods.

Bagels: The Bagel Store (Jalapeño-Cheddar may be the best).

Cream Cheese: Krasdale (cheap and fine).

Salmon: Northwest Gourmet Smoked King Salmon Fillet from Rachel (brought back from WA). Looks like cat food; tastes like salmon. Not bad at all! Quite salty, but that went well with the mildness of the cream cheese.

Pepper: Freshly ground (fewer flyspecks that way).

Salmon, I am.


The Other Laura said...

This looks yummy!

Jennette said...

Indeed - and it was.

Mechanic said...

i think the salmon from the pacific northwest is cured differently then the salmon common to the northeast. it seens much saltier (not bad, just salty) then what i'm used here. it def. takes tweaking to create the perfect cream cheese/bagel/salmon ratio...

Jennette said...

That is interesting. I hadn't thought about it being regionally saltier. But this definitely was saltier than I was expecting - still good, though.

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