Tuesday, November 25, 2008

We didn't write "We Didn't Start the Fire."

But at some point in 1995, we wrote the following "poem:"

salad bar

nested table
food court

egg rolls
turkey dogs
wooden clogs

lazy Susan
ketchup bottle
plain yogurt
full throttle

Yes, I had a long often-rhyming-but-never-capitalized-experimental-poetry phase.

I believe these verses remain open to a number of interesting interpretations.


Mechanic said...

i interpreted humming them along to "we didn't start the fire"

genius. (you, not my humming)

Jennette said...

I bet your humming was just as genius.

I also think that I probably didn't realize it could be done to that tune back when I wrote it. I probably just thought I was veeery clever. ;)

Webby said...

i did the same thing and with the exception of the last two lines it totally works with BJ's frenetic melody.

Jennette said...

Well, those last two lines give me plausible deniability in terms of whether or not I was copying the song, right? Just like Vanilla Ice.

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