Friday, November 13, 2009

The search begins. Again.

I need more Tim Tams

Last year, when I was visiting my in-laws for Thanksgiving, I learned that Pepperidge Farm had dropped a limited edition supply of Australia's famous Tim Tams into Target stores across the US. Though I had never eaten Tim Tams, I was convinced by the internet buzz that they would change my life. I ran out and bought several packages (the only variety I saw was caramel), shared a few, tasted my life changing, and then hoarded the remainder.

I ate them sparingly in the following months, usually as part of a Tim Tam Slam with hot tea or cocoa, and treasured every bite, knowing that they were no longer on the shelves at Target and that Pepperidge Farm had not committed to producing any more Tim Tams in the US. I wanted to introduce more friends to the glory of Tim Tams, but I couldn't spare the cookies. I needed them to last. I'm sorry, friends.

Nearly a year later, I have eaten my final Tim Tam from that batch. Last night, I "Slammed" two with some vanilla jasmine tea and then ate the last one dry. Slowly, sadly, the world of Tim Tam slipped away from me. There are but poor substitutes.

But I live in New York City. Surely, in this beautiful land of expats and foreign markets, there is a supplier of real, Australian, Arnott's (for they should not have been Pepperidge Farm's at all) Tim Tams. I want to try the double coat! I want to have a party and force my friends to slam!

According to Wikipedia
(and this was news to me, as I researched while writing this post), P.F.'s US Tim Tams will be released roughly October through March each year. They should be in Targets again now, but I doubt the supply is sufficient. Has anyone seen them? I don't live very near a Target store, but I will attempt to get to one this month to check on their availability. They are supposed to be in "other supermarkets," too. Where are you, Tim Tams?

I know I seem obsessed, but if you've had them you should understand. This "Tim Tam season" scheme is evil. Pepperidge Farm, this will not do. Don't be stingy; flood the market, sirs and madams in charge! I need these cookies in my life every month.

Bottom line: Let me know if you see seasonal Tim Tams out and about (at Target or elsewhere). And if you know of a year-round Tim Tam purveyor or Australian grocery in NYC, please leave a comment. In return, I will let you know if I find any, though I will be ever so tempted to keep their location to myself.


(( Ms. K )) said...

I saw that at my last grocery shopping trip to the supermarket. I just wasn't sure if I want to buy it or not. But the word on the package got my attention like it's something good. I am going there for a look to see if they still have those.

cali said...

Arnott's Tim Tams are available through

also, have you entered the contest for a Tim Tam Cookies Party Pack at

LetterB said...

I just saw them at Target in Poughkeepsie. I think it was at Target - it might have been at a Hannaford grocery store. But, still, yes, spotted.

NiSE said...

i just bought 4 boxes at target, they were 2 for five dollars! (:

Jennette said...

NiSE and LetterB - Great to hear! Thanks for the scoop!

Cali - I don't think even I am fanatic enough to enter every day, but I did throw my virtual raffle ticket into the box.

The Amazon prices are so high! I've got my eye on an Australian grocery store in NYC that says they are going to get a shipment in 2 weeks.

Ms. K - if you try them, let me know what you think!

barcher said...

I saw them the other day at Gristede's. Will pick some up.

Kozi said...

He he!
I'm in Aus, and I agree, Tim Tams are the best thing with a cup of tea; i love to shove that whole biscuit in just as it collapses in on itself.
And I am old enough to remember when Arnott's had a scare and pulled all the TimTams from shelves! Oh the horror! May our children never live to see it!

(if you would really love some double coats, I would be happy to send them to you!)

Jennette said...

Kozi - So glad you dropped by! I am trying to arrange a trip to Australia in the next year (I've never been there). I hope to eat a Tim Tam in the land of its origin.

I do, very much, want to try the double-coats, but I would only allow you to mail me some if we could work something out in which I pay you back for the cookies and postage (paypal or a check?). I imagine they would be expensive to mail.

Jennette said...

Barcher - good to know! Thanks, if you have the time. I'll happily pay you back. I think I may get to go to Target today, but one cannot have too many Tim Tams. ;)

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