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New to Snackreligious?  I've been blogging here since June of 2008, and there are a lot of posts to wade through.  On this page, I'll share some of my favorites.  Let me know if you have one.  I'll also update this page from time to time, so check back! -- Jennette

Classics and Favorites

In Which I Eat in the Shower (June, 2008)

I Manage to Make My Food Blog about Werner Herzog (June, 2008)

The Great Peanut Butter and Graham Cracker Taste Test, aka Proof I am a Scientist (June, 2008)

I Reveal That I Have a Lot of Mustard (July, 2008)

My Love for Shoes Meets My Love for Powdered Sugar Meets My Love for My Neighborhood (July, 2008)

Meet My Sister (September, 2008) and its companion post, A Tour of My Fridge (November, 2009)

A Lot of Words About Sexism and Fair Kitchen Rules (October, 2008)

I Didn't Know the Film "The Host" Would Sort of Be About Food! (May, 2009)

No Biggie, But I'm Married (July, 2009)

I Discuss Whether I Eat Adorable Pigs (July, 2009)

Serenading The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck's "Monday Sundae" (September, 2009)

A Great Day of Eating In and Around Cairo (May, 2010)

I Spill the Beans About What One Pregnant Woman Likes to Eat (October, 2010)

First Foods. So Fun! (September, 2011)

Babies want your ice cream. Oh, my pie

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