Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hoitily, toitily delicious.

A ritzier mint

Let's dip into Tia's box of snacks for another treat! I'm about to bake thousands of cookies, so I've got to clear out some space in the kitchen.

Plus, I've been looking forward to trying these Holland Mints. They are described as "Dark-chocolate-dipped peppermint creams finished with a minty sugar shell" and are made by Marich Confectionary Co. in Hollister, CA.

Upon opening the bag, the scents of mint and sugar rose from these dusky pastel spheres (pink, green, purple, and white). Sucking on one released more sweet mint flavor that became stronger over time, eventually becoming quite as refreshing and present as a breath mint. Then the sugar shell melted away and the flavor became milder - dark chocolate and peppermint. When chewed at this point, the candy released a little more mint and crunched slightly.

The peppermint in the candy shells is stronger than in the Peppermint Pattie, and does seem to freshen the breath more thoroughly, but the mint-and-chocolate filling inside is creamy and reminiscent of the patty I love.

I think Holland Mints are rawther nice. They look ritzy enough to be served at the highest class event and are far more complex and unique than your average pillow mint or the like. Dan says, "They have a very expensive texture." I'd certainly choose them over candy-coated almonds if you're looking for a classy, special wedding favor.


Tia said...

They are my grandma's favorite!

Jennette said...

They were totally new to me - and great! If I am ever a grandma, I will have a bowl of them in the parlor.

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