Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Now I am married to the sea

The Strip

Ah, the Pittsburgh Strip District!  There are lots of fun shops in the area, including plenty of good food and ingredients (browsing is as much fun as buying), but this year's highlight of the strip trip was Benkovitz Seafoods (2300 Smallman Street).

 Benkovitz sign

I've been here in search of shrimp and such, or to marvel at the variety of spices, rubs and hotsauces available, but I had never eaten the food prepared at the back of the store.  Judging by the line, this is an area favorite.

Inside Benkovitz

Judging by the food, there's good reason for the line and the favoritism.  Dan got a Fried Shore Lunch Special and I chose the Original Fried Fish Sandwich.  Prices were reasonable, considering the volume of food we came away with.

Food for two? Or four?

My sandwich alone had 3 or 4 tender and flaky fried fillets between its two buns.  Tartar and Tiger sauces were on hand to add to the mix.

Too many fish

Extra goodies included round french fries that were almost like mini potato pancakes (my preferred hash brown kind, not the floury, cakey kind) and fried zucchini planks.

Fried slug!

Hearty lunch

While exiting, over-full and happy to be so, I spotted a snackable friend on a shelf - one I knew from days in the midwest.  Long before I moved to NYC, I was eating these New York Style bagel chips with sea salt (below).  Nothing compares to the greasy, salty sensation of them melting, one by one, on my tongue.  

I've longed for you.

Oh, my friend, how I've missed you.


houstonmacbro said...

Okay, NOW I'm hungry.

Jennette said...

Me, too! Actually, I really am.

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