Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Celebrity Snackalong: a quiz

Quick, Jenny! What snack should I serve the famous person who just came over?

Match 'em up!
1. Michael Cera
2. Steve Martin
3. Lynda Barry
4. Amy Sedaris
5. Eric Wareheim
6. Haruki Murakami
7. Lauren Bacall
8. Michael K. Williams

a. Swedish Fish
b. Homemade jam on saltines
c. Melted cheese toasts
d. Bugles in one bowl, assorted olives in another
e. Gummy Schtroumpfs
f. Awesome Blossom
g. Root beer floats
h. Crudité platter


How many did you get right?
Answers: 1-c; 2-a; 3-d; 4-b; 5-f; 6-e; 7-h; 8-g


Answers formatted for the lazy:
Michael Cera - Melted cheese toasts
Steve Martin - Swedish Fish
Lynda Barry - Bugles in one bowl, assorted olives in another
Amy Sedaris - Homemade jam on saltines
Eric Wareheim - Awesome Blossom
Haruki Murakami - Gummy Schtroumpfs
Lauren Bacall - Crudité platter
Michael K. Williams - Root beer floats


anna said...

Well, Lynda Barry was an obvious match to olives and bugles, but I thought for sure that Steve Martin was a cheese toast guy. Swedish fish make sense, but cheese toast just seemed too perfect.

Rachel said...

i got amy sedaris right. how did you discover michael k. williams' love of root beer floats?

Jennette said...

I like your instincts, Anna. I hadn't even thought of serving the cheese toast to Steve Martin, but if he asked for it I would oblige.

Rachel, we know many things with our hearts if we only assume that we know them.

Matthew Cavnar said...

I think SnackReligious should consider doing something on this post. Cross blog pollination!

Matthew Cavnar said...

oh, and that post would be:

Jennette said...

Wow. Wow and yikes, that is.

At the very least, does anyone want to hop a train to Rochester with me to try the Munchy Box's American cousin?


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