Thursday, November 20, 2008

The substance of snacks hoped for, the evidence for snacks unphotographed.

Cake from Matt

This is half of one of several giant slices of chocolate cake that showed up at work a few days ago. Turns out they were left over from Matt C.'s roommate's birthday. I wish I could remember the bakery's name so that I could insist that the New Yorkers among you could try some for yourself. It was moist, rich, and satisfying.

UPDATE: Matt says the cake was from The Chocolate Room (269 Court St., Cobble Hill). The lucky duck has one more piece to eat today.

That cake led to memories of another slice. On Sunday, I met Kate at La Lanterna di Vittorio in Greenwich Village for some fireside catching up. I didn't have my camera with me, but when they told me they were out of bread pudding I opted for the Chocolate Mudd Cake. Wow. Gooey and sweet without being cloying, it paired perfectly with a steamed almond milk. I couldn't have been happier (unless I'd been a little closer to the fireplace), despite not having my camera with me to capture the cake's beauty.

Speaking of snacks unphotographed, yesterday Nick brought extra leftovers to work with me in mind and offered to share. I am sincerely honored when someone thinks of me while eating something delicious - especially when that person bequeaths to me a portion of the leftovers. Nick's gift was a serving of broccoli with a shalloty, garlicky, marvel of a cream sauce. The kicker? Crushed Cheetos sprinkled on top. Truly awesome, it was, and deftly made (by Nick). I'd left my camera at home, but that diminished my pleasure in the green and orange side dish exactly none.


Mechanic said...

weird, i was just at lanterna on saturday... that place is a classic! are we on the same snack cycle??

Jennette said...

We may be. The only thing to do is to close the cycle by going there together. I still want bread pudding.

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