Thursday, November 27, 2008

Cheap and naughty.

Rawther silly

I don't think my parents approved of the candy cigarettes kids ate when I was younger. I'm not so into them as a concept, myself. But they still captivated me in weaker moments. I didn't think that smoking was cool, but I did think that the type of candy cigarettes that puffed some kind of powder when you blew into them were kind of cool. I also had a love-hate relationship with Big League Chew.

These Pieterman, Holland "Hillburry" Chocolate Works "cigarettes" are chocolate cylinders rolled in paper inside a mock cigarette package. I'm told one can find them at Economy Candy for a reported 25 cents or so. They're not worth much more than that. The chocolate tastes kind of old and kind of like paper.

Not a hard habit to kick.

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