Friday, November 14, 2008

Duds in the Dark

I am a fan of the classic combo of movie theater popcorn with artificial butter-flavored grease, but don't usually do "mix-ins." Several have been recommended to me over the years. I think it was Gina who recently said I had to try my popcorn mixed with a box of Milk Duds and reminded me of that particular marriage of snacks.

I vowed then to try it "soon" - and tonight I did. I felt it might be appropriate to take a culinary risk as part of my experience of the new Bond film, "Sciencey Measure of Comfort." So I did the 'corn and 'Duds thing.

Verdict: not bad. I get the sweet and salt allure. But to really optimize the flavors and textures of this marriage, the popcorn needs to be hotter and the Milk Duds smaller. I think a homemade version would be best.

And so, in conclusion,

Lesson 1: more expensive convenience snacking does not win the flavor race.

Lesson 2: not every director knows how to make action scenes make visual sense.

(Credit where credit is due. I once emailed another cartoonist to inform him [politely] that I felt he was ripping off B. Breathed's style. I thought he should know he wasn't getting away with it. And I thoroughly recommend a visit to Bloom County. Classics of Western Literature: Bloom Country 1985-1989 is a transcendent collection.)


rach web said...

hot tameles and popcorn is a match made in heaven.

Jennette said...

Oh, man. I feel reeled back in.

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