Friday, November 21, 2008

Oh! Yakitori!

Yakitori Oh! Taisho

I had a dinner full of snacks at Yakitori Oh! Taisho at 9 St. Marks Place earlier this evening.

We ordered the "B" sampler of yakitori and other skewered foods, rock shrimp with a mayonnaise-y sauce, squid, some kind of potato pancake piled with fish flakes, and more. My favorite items were the chicken meatballs (tsukune - at the far right in the picture above), the rolled scallions (also on skewers - at the far left in the picture), and the "spicy fried chicken" (not spicy at all, but hot and crispy and flavorful with a spritz of lemon - not pictured).

I also drank beer, which I never do (except in foreign countries), and hardly minded. The food was that good.

Some of us aren't eating solids yet (except for gnawing on fingers) but found the menu intriguing anyway.

Yakitori menu 2 Yakitori menu 1
Yakitori menu 3
Yakitori menu 4 Yakitori menu 5

Fingers 4

Mmm...finger skewers...


rach web said...

hero made snackreligious! we are soooo proud!!!!!!!

Jennette said...

I am thrilled you gave your permission. I think I should probably start a new blog about how much I like her.

No babies were harmed in the shooting of these blog photos.

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