Monday, November 10, 2008

Yes, Ma'am.

Country Ma'am package

Jeremy knows Japanese snacks. He's been to Japan and everything, y'all. Multiple times! For months at a time! I listen when Jeremy says, "try this" about a Japanese treat.

Country Ma'am (divine name, btw) is an individually packaged "chocochip" cookie. The flavor is vanilla.

Country Ma'am

(That's a standard Post-It Note pad for size comparison). The cookie was pretty sweet and a little soft. I found a layer of chocolate in the middle. It wasn't so much a chocochip as a chocodisc cookie. The flavor was a bit "off," but not at all off-putting. It seemed to taste a smidge processed or preserved, but vanilla came through and the soft cookie conquered any artificiality here.

Here's the scoop on sourcing your authentic Japanese snacks: try Family Market in Astoria. J said he spotted things there he hasn't seen elsewhere since returning to the states. I can't wait to try a Coolish!


Domestic Goddess said...

A cookie that has a layer of chocolate in the middle? Reminds me of those cookies my friends and I used to eat at pool parties back in the day...were they Keebler?

Hmm, I just looked it up, I think they were called Magic Middles. Those things were great.

Jennette said...

My favorite Keebler cookie was the Soft Batch. I have a treasured memory of eating them while in a hot tub in St. Augustine, Florida while watching cable tv with my sister and second cousin. We were 10 or so. THAT was living!

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