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Adventures in CSA 2013: Week 9 Recipes

Week 9

I'm still playing catch-up, in terms of logging my CSA share usage. Week nine was two weeks ago. I may be missing some details as I report on this week's dishes, but I'll do my best.

Week 9 Produce
Sweet corn
Thai Basil

In the fruit share:
White plums
Orchard blossom honey - we haven't tried this yet. I'm too into my raw honey to switch. I'll get to it eventually.

Week 9
Omelet with tomatoes and other stuff  - I am not very enthusiastic about omelets. I like eggs, yes, and the egg share from the CSA (we get a dozen every other week) has absolutely been worth the money. Give me a scramble any time, as long as it's fluffy. I just don't think I've ever craved my eggs cooked all flat and folded-over. That said, this was a perfectly respectable omelet (looks like turkey burger and feta made an appearance) and I hate that I seem to have damned it with faint praise. Poor omelet.
Week 9 Week 8
Turkey Burger - We did not make the turkey burger patties this time. "But we always make the turkey burgers ourselves," my inner critic cries! What is UP with us? The toppings (onion, pickled cucumber, lettuce) were all CSA produce. The cheese, meat, and bun came from the store. Still so nice (as was the evening in our neighbors' backyard), we had to photograph it twice.

It pleased our shortest patron:
Week 9 Week 9
p.s. He also likes blueberries.
Week 9

Week 9

Thai basil chicken and rice - lettuce wrap optional - This was an idea we got from Cooking Light, but Dan refused to follow the recipe. He just struck out on his own, like some kind of renegade. It was delicious.

Week 9

Corn and tomato salad - This was modeled on Elote, so it contained mayonnaise, queso blanco, and cumin.

Week 9

Kale Salad - yes.

Tomato with basil and some fancy salt we had lying around - naturally.

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