Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Adventures in CSA 2013: Week 4 Share

Week 4

I've just posted my week three recipes wrap-up, but week four began on Saturday, so let me go ahead and share with you what we received (and are already happily eating). In case you can't see the photo above, here's the scoop:

Week 4 produce
1 bunch Tuscan kale
1 bunch beets
1 bunch scallions
small bunch basil
2 heads broccoli
2 daikon radishes -- CHALLENGE VEGETABLE
1 head lettuce
10 garlic scapes

I had a feeling we'd be making garlic scape pesto this week, and (spoiler alert) we already have. We're probably in for a kale salad, too.

More importantly, what do you think we should do with the daikon? And do you think I can invent some sort of scallion pie? It's definitely a challenge to use up the scallions each week.

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