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Adventures in CSA 2013: Week 10 Recipes

Week 10

I was very near quitting this "blogging about vegetables" folly altogether when I realized I was a month behind in CSA posts. Looking back, I can't quite distinguish one week from the next. Around mid-summer, the vegetables start to blur together a bit, and my phone gets overrun with photos that all look like salads or sauteed vegetables covered in cheese. "Is that eggplant?" I found myself asking Dan about one picture from his phone. "No, I think it's mushroom," he replied. Exhausting!

But I'm soldiering on in the interest of at least suggesting what we might have eaten, and I'm nearly caught up. Let's take a fuzzy look back at last week, and then never speak of this debacle ever again.

Week 10 Veggies
Sugar baby watermelon - they said to eat it "immediately," as it was overripe, and I thought they were kidding. I waited two days, and it was already mushy and tasting "off" when we sliced into it. Rats.
Purple Basil
Sweet peppers
Sweet corn

Fruit share:
Peaches (2 kinds)

Week 10

Cucumber salad - with champagne vinegar, tomato and week nine's basil (?)

Week 10

Raw stuff - I include this photo as an example of how we've been using the raw fruits and veggies in our 2+ year old's playschool lunchbox. He will usually eat carrots with hummus. Cucumbers are a bit iffier a proposition. Halved (and pitted) plums are generally a good bet. Corn is a favorite, too.

Week ?

Yogurt, granola, coconut flakes, and peaches - Breakfast.

Week ?
Sweet pepper and mushroom quesadillas - Also featuring: onions, tomatoes, and green basil.

Speaking of basil, isn't the purple basil gorgeous?
Week 10

This brings us mostly up to date, except I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting several somethings. I'll go through Dan's phone, and if I find any rogue photos of CSA dishes, I'll be sure to add them to (my best guess of) the appropriate week. Here's to more recipe information in week 11!

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