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CSA: Week 7 -- green, purple and white. CSA: Week 10

CSA = Community Supported Agriculture

I blog about CSA produce and other goodies when I have the time. Ideally, it would be a couple times a week, but I haven't hit that ideal in a while. 2013 marks my fifth year as a CSA shareholder in NYC (or anywhere).  I also received a monthly winter share of frozen goodies from Winter Sun Farms, and I will be picking up a wild-caught salmon share this fall!

Feel free to comment if you have any questions about my CSA experience. I'm a willing ambassador.
Week 11 - Recipes  (coming soon)  


Below is a list of my posts from the first three years I participated as a shareholder in a CSA in New York City. I've included many recipes and links, as well as information about what I received most weeks. The first two years, I was a member of the Judson CSA (now defunct) in Washington Square Park.  The third year, I joined Local Roots in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Community Supported Agriculture 2009: 22 Weeks of Veggies!
Wrap-Up with 15 Favorite Dishes of 2009 
* Here's what happened in 2010 and 2011:
2010 was the year I got pregnant in the midst of CSA season and started having food aversions regarding fresh and cooked vegetables. I only wrote posts for the first 17 weeks, and it wasn't the most thorough or timely blogging.

2011 was/is the year I had a newborn and made my husband head chef and lost interest in blogging so much. The CSA I joined in 2011 also provided very small shares, compared to my first two years, and I was disappointed.

SO I did a really poor job of keeping up with CSA posting in 2010, 2011, and 2012.  I hope you don't think this reflects my enthusiasm for CSA programs.I did a really GOOD job of eating, i promise.

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