Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Winner, winner, turkey dinner!

My turkey arrived!

I won a free D'artagnan turkey from a contest over at the Serious Eats blog.  It arrived in frozen form, not alive, which was a relief.

The website promises:  

Our farm-raised birds are fed an all-vegetarian diet consisting of 100% whole organic grains and pure spring water, with no protein supplements, added poultry or fish by-products, pesticides or herbicides. Additionally no antibiotics, growth hormones or arsenicals are administered and the birds benefit from an environment that never uses artificial light.

Turkey has never been my favorite part of the Thanksgiving meal, but this year I'm getting my hopes up...


Mechanic said...

OMG, congrats! what was your comment that won the turkey! jenny you are totally my hero.

Jennette said...

I am glad someone is as excited as me! I keep saying, "I won a turkey!"

I thought it was random. My comment was unexciting - just that I would like to brine a turkey someday. We're not going to brine this one, though. My MIL, the turkey whiz, is thinking Moroccan spices.

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