Sunday, November 9, 2008

A taste of honey

If you found this in my cupboard you might be tempted to throw it out. No, no, silly. It's still good.

Until this year I'd never bought raw honey. Oh, I'd had "honey." I'd had the stuff in the bear...and the stuff you can buy in a jar and pour into the bear once you've used up the original bear honey and washed out the bear. I probably even tried a bite of honeycomb in my grade school days, but it didn't occur to me that one could get raw honey at the store, keep it in one's cupboard, and eat it all one likes.

Raw honey is expensive. I found mine at Whole Foods and spent a few moments looking at the price tag and thinking about whether I should risk it. But the jar holds over 2 lbs of the stuff and it's lasting for months and months. And, as it turns out, the flavor is simply worth it (though it may seem an acquired taste to those used to milder, processed honey). It's strong, sweet, viscous gold.

This honey is pesticide free, unheated and unstrained. It's got pollen, propolis, honeycomb, and live enzymes. That translates to a layer of crunchy bits on the top. What's underneath is thick and rich and smooth.

Really yum.

Eat a spoonful. Have it in your tea. Drizzle it on your corn bread or biscuits. Use it in baking. Wash your face in it. Or think it's gross and leave it all for me. I don't mind.

I'm never going back to the bear.


kellyr said...

How much is this RAW honey, really?

I am interested. You make a strong argument to throw out Mr. Bear.

Jennette said...

I don't remember. I just remember the sticker shock. I'll look next time I am at Whole Foods (probably tomorrow).

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