Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mountain High; Sentence Fragments

Mountain x3

The Brown & Haley Mountain "bar" (they're round) triumvirate. From Tacoma, Washington. By the makers of Almond Roca Buttercrunch. Thinking of Ranier.

Mountain. Round lumpiness. Smells nutty. Vanilla cream filling. Like a cherry mash with no cherry. Which brings us to.

Cherry Mountain. Same thick, irregular lump. Intensely cherry smell. Very sweet cherry middle. Less filling than in the original bar. Less nutty. Nicely smooshy as you chew.

Peanut Butter Mountain. Best for last? Most oblong and puddly looking. Faintest scent. First bite all chocolate - cursed oblong! Rich, soft chocolate. Crunch of nuts. Peanut butter inside. Want more. Happy smooth.

Who else a Northwest favorite? Tia!

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