Monday, November 17, 2008


Apple chips

It's high time I returned to the snack sampler sent by the lovely Tia. Its remaining contents have been too long uneaten.

These Crispy Apple Chips (Caramel) by Seneca are not from the Pacific Northwest like many of the other snacks Tia chose for me. But they will be no less beloved; apple chips are a favorite in my apartment.

Their crispiness makes these something special, setting them apart from soft, dehydrated apple slices. They seem to be dusted with a small amount of sugar. Underneath is an apple slice that retains its peel (nice tough) along with a distinct apple flavor and scent. The caramel is gentle but present. This is an assertive snack for unsure times, but in a reassuring way rather than a forceful one. Now, if only Seneca could do all that without the corn syrup.

FYI: other flavors available are original, cinnamon, granny smith, golden delicious, and sour.


Anonymous said...

i actually have never been able to go to lawrence, kansas, but now that it's so close, i'll definitely have to. any recommendations on stores/restaurants/things to see?

Jennette said...

Well, I haven't been back for a few years, but the last time I was there I thoroughly enjoyed La Parrilla. It was one of my favorites while living there.

Rudy's Pizza is also excellent.

Tellers is fancier and lovely. It's an old bank building. The women's restroom is in the vault!

Wheatfields is great for brunch or lunch (or breakfast).

Those were some of my favorites in the Mass. Street shopping area downtown.

The Mad Greek's not bad, either.

Mojo's was my favorite Hot Wings (and fries) place, but it may be closed now. The website listed here doesn't work:

Free State Brewery is also excellent.

For super-cheap eats I like Burrito King!

All the best shopping in Lawrence is along and in the blocks surrounding downtown's Massachusetts Street. Just park and walk around. You might check what's playing at the KU theater, Lied Center, or Lawrence Arts Center. There are lots of bars with live music and a couple of museums, as well as Liberty Hall, the movie theater that also has live shows sometimes.

Let me know if you have more questions.,,, and the newspaper's site would be good resources, too.

I love Lawrence!

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