Wednesday, November 19, 2008

And away we go.

Shopping trip #1

Here's the haul from holiday baking shopping trip #1. And I'm not talking about Thanksgiving.

Costco made me a little crazy and I bought too much oatmeal, but otherwise I'm doing okay. I wish I could say I won't have to shop for baking ingredients for the rest of the season.

Anyone need some oatmeal?


Lawnwrangler said...

Are we eating Progo at this party? I'm not sure if I'm comfortable with that.

Jennette said...

He's Sergeant at Arms -- gets to throw the rowdies out.

As an informational side note, of all the packages he sniffed, he was most interested in the butter.

just a girl... said...

Swappy Swap Time!

cali the victorious said...

ummmm...there's no such thing as "too much oatmeal."

Biddy said...

i've got oatmeal coming out of my ears...

i just found out we're partners for Just A Girl's swap! I'll be digging around your blog trying to figure out just the right gifts!

Jennette said...

Just a girl and Biddy -- looking forward to the swap!

Cali - want a giant bag of oatmeal?

cali the hungry said...

of COURSE I do. :)

I made homemade hamburger buns today and despite the fact that the yeast was a little over a year past the "works best by" date, they came out deee-licious and now the whole apartment smells like yummy bread. Yay me!

Jennette said...

That sounds great!

I will see if I can find a box big enough to fit oatmeal and super-late birthday presents.

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