Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Poetry Tuesday: Drifting, Drinking

Trial by Chai

Anastasia sent this Chocolate Chai from England.

First snow, lofty flakes straining finer in time
Cats snore, bird rings bell, everyone hums
See the suet set outside, feeding feathers flick
Orange leaves waver beyond the stream of flakes
The path to the park is empty, there is someone on the path
Trees shrug open to white, bark stacked with papery edges

This tea in this thick mug steeped long minutes
I steep, cats and birds and suet and leaves in seedpods
Steeping, bits and bobs of spice swell and wilt
The kettle shifts as it cools, snow is milk and sugar
Pages of weather turn, things float down, whirling
Everything is pulled to earth and all a blanket
Cocoa in the tea and my toes tucked under me.

photo by Dan.


Cynthe said...

Jeanette ~ Came across your LOVELY evocative post from a search for Chocolate Chai by Zhena's Gypsy Tea.

Can't believe no one else has commented! Though it's chilly (mid-40's to 30F) here in northern CA, we're not in snow country. Thanks for the smiles and wonderful wintery imagery.

Jennette said...

Well, thank you, Cynthe. Always lovely to get a comment! I hope you're warming up now that it's nearly March.

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