Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I am spoiled rotten.

Special delivery

It is after midnight, which makes it Wednesday, which means I can tell you this without having to write it as a Poetry Tuesday poem (I love Poetry Tuesday, but a prose post about this will be faster):

Just as I am one final item (well, not including a couple of teas) away from completing my survey of the snacks in the box Anastasia sent me from the UK, I received a new box of sweet, sweet trouble sent from Washington State. Some of the goodies are regional treats and/or unfamiliar to me. Other items are classic snacks I have not written about yet here. All are inspiring great waves of emotion and gratitude.

Oh, Tia, thank you. My tongue hurts just looking at this stuff.


kellyr said...

Oh Jenny, can't get enough of this sweet blog! I love regional treats. Rome, NY (where I grew up) is famous for 'Turkey Joints'. They are totally bizarre but delicious! I'll have to get a hold of some and share with you. Woo!

Jennette said...

Turkey Joints! Wow. Yum. I certainly wouldn't encourage anyone to go to trouble or expense to provide me with a snack, but I'd never turn one of those down. ;)

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