Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A gift from Melanie

A gift

Attention everyone I asked to pick me up a set of "Sommar" popsicle molds if you happen to find yourself at Ikea: not that I wouldn't take an extra set (and pay you back, natch), but consider my sense of urgency around this issue taken down several notches.

The new Ikea in Brooklyn doesn't even stock the things, or so Rachel was told by an employee on a recent trip. He told her that the store is too new to stock "seasonal" merchandise. Boo! But Melanie found herself at Target and noticed the lovely ice pop molds pictured above, which she generously gave to me, so I win!

I am now accepting popsicle flavor suggestions.


Matt Cassity said...

Code Red Mountain Dew pops?

Jennette said...

Dan's excited by that idea, Matt. By email I also received:

"what about basil lemonade? or pineapple/mint--that's a popular blended juice combo in brazil that is so delicious. hmmm...or watermelon/lime?"

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