Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Someone knows me well.


That someone bought me a KitKat Chunky Peanut Butter bar while in Vienna.

Not as amazing as the peanut butter Twix bar, these pack a peanut-buttery wallop nonetheless. "Chunky" is a good adjective for this guy. The Kit Kat bar is hefty and contains a great wodge of peanut butter inside. The chocolate could stand to be a bit darker, but I'm not too mad at it.

Thanks also to Nestlé Deutschland AG.


Today I learned that the expression is "just deserts" (as in he/she got his/her just deserts) not "just desserts." That's desert used as a noun meaning something one deserves. This is the same desert in the concept of moral desert, not the noun referring to a pudding course - which is spelled differently but pronounced the same way - or the noun meaning an area with little precipitation - which is spelled the same but pronounced differently.

The first person who used the spelling "just desserts" might have meant the pun, especially if he or she was naming a bakery with the phrase, but now I suspect many people don't know it's a pun (or simply incorrect) at all.


angela said...

i did not know the difference at all. maybe trivia will push out some other info and take up lodging in my "little known and interesting facts to tell strangers at parties so i can pretend i'm entertaining" file.

angela said...

it is slightly humiliating that i cannot figure out how to correct my previous post to say "maybe this trivia". i have now learned to use the "preview comment" button though. (sigh)

Jennette said...

I don't think "maybe trivia" is that bad. :)

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