Sunday, July 6, 2008

I don't need knickknacks

but I could put Lorenz Snack-World NicNacs on a few shelves ...


These "double-crunch peanuts" are like nut-covered nuts (as described by Dan). The outside is salty and extra-crunchy, with an unidentifiable light layer of non-nut flavor -- smoky or like a very, very mild BBQ corn chip. The brand's website calls this a "fiery coating." Fiery it is not.

I have only a few small snack packs to consume, but these taste like they'd be best in batches. Eat a bunch! Buy in bulk!

Although bought in Vienna, my research indicates NicNacs (or "NicNac's" on the English website, which I refuse to accept) are German. I wonder how they compare to the South African Nik Naks enjoyed by these gamers.

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Non-Contextual Quote: "I just hope that I die while hugging - and not while in a wine-drinking contest." - Baby Cakes (thanks to Brad Neely)

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