Friday, July 11, 2008

What I Ate at the Giglio Festival: Vol. 2

Deep-fried Oreos



I think this was my first time trying the deep-fried Oreos. But I can see where I might have had one and forgotten. They actually aren't all that memorable.

Matt like these, and more power to him. At least he tried one (Dan ate half of one, but no one else would bite). But he only ate one. I ate two and a half. That makes me an expert, right? I really think these fried too slowly or at too low a temperature. I might have enjoyed them if the cookie inside had still been a little crunchy. Instead, I found it melted into a sort of sogginess - and the whole thing was just lukewarm and sweet. I like soggy Oreos, but I assumed the point of frying them would be to play textures of dough and cookie and cream against each other.

Oreos and Zeppole

We've now visited 2 of the 3 snacks I had at the Giglio Feast last night in Brooklyn. Stay tuned for the third -- also fried, but not so sweet!

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Anonymous said...

deep fried oreos really should taste better then they do.

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