Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Ikea is coming to Brooklyn.

No, I will not be tormenting myself by attending any opening day ceremonies. Don't get me wrong. I like Ikea. And I want a Sommar for my freezer this summer. But I'm not braving those crowds for a popsicle mold.

Big Box

Rather than visions of blond bookshelves dancing in my head, promotion of the new store's opening (promotion like this giant studio apartment in a "cardboard box" seen in Union Square), reminded me of the Ikea edibles kicking around in my pantry. Contrary to popular belief, Ikea snacking is not just about eating Swedish meatballs in the cafeteria (which, actually, I've never done) after a morning of looking for the perfect end table on wheels.

Here are my two favorite take-home snacks found in the big Swedish box thus far:

1. Lingonsylt preserves -- Lingonberry is a tart fruit here, and the preserves are not unlike a spreadable homemade cranberry sauce with small, whole berries in a fruit syrup. Thick flavor. Good on biscuits! Seen here on baking powder drop biscuits, prepared as described in Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything.

2. Anna's Ginger Thins -- I first found them at Ikea, but they can be bought elsewhere. I appreciate how thin and crispy these cookies are. Their ginger-icity is tops!
Ginger Thins

To accompany your repast, consider these Swedish proverbs [source]:

Den som vill ha något gott fär söka där det finns.
Who wants to have something good, will have to seek it where it is.

Ingenting retar aptiten så som litet på fatet.
Nothing stimulates the appetite like little on the plate.

Hade jag inte min buk att fylla, skulle jag min arm förgylla (då hade jag råd till smycken).
If it weren't for my need to fill my belly, I would have gilded my arm (then I could have afforded some jewelry).

Aftonsång med dryck, morgonsång med hosta.
Evening song with drinks: morning song with coughs.

Wait, what?


Bets said...

Hi! Thanks for coming over to my blog. More weird synchonized blogging/living - I have to make an Ikea trip this week! (I have an unusual job - to say the least - and perhaps the least-weird part involves purchasing candles and tealights by the hundreds. At Ikea.)

By the way, you have inspired me to begin cleaning out snack jail - having a little treat, and also disposing of things too old (or, more likely, too gross) to eat. Tonight saw the demise of a couple of things described on their label as 'chocolatey'. That's just wrong.

Jennette said...

I can only assume that your job is set decorator for love scenes on soap operas, in which they always pan away to a terraced fireplace or credenza covered in dozens of flickering candles just as the couple falls passionately into an embrace.

Nice effort with the "chocolatey" items. Good luck busting out more of your jailed snacks!

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