Saturday, July 26, 2008

Oh, Miss Vickie.

Miss Vickie (or Miss Aquired-By-Frito-Lay), you done me wrong.

Creamy Brmmmlk Rnnnchhh
I like Miss Vickie's Jalepeno chips and the company's Salt and Vinegar variety, so I was excited to try the new-to-me "Creamy Buttermilk Ranch" flavor (released this year) when I spotted it on display at Subway.

They're pretty blah. Salty, yes, but there's no "buttermilk ranch" tang or spice evident. There's some "creamy," there, if by "creamy" I can mean smoothly bland with a hint of milk or cream. I appreciate the crunch and cut, and I appreciate that I can get those positive attributes in another flavor.

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