Friday, July 11, 2008

What I Ate at the Giglio Festival: Vol. 3

The best snack I ate at the festival was actually scouted by Dan and Matt.

Salsa and fresh plantain chips

These are fresh plantain chips served with salsa (medium cup only $2). The chips were made on the spot, shaved into a giant vat of oil. They came out wafer thin, crispy, not at all greasy and still warm. The salsa was mild but a good accompaniment. The festival lasts another week or so. If I go back it won't be for the dancing of the structure. It will be for more of these.


It figures that the booth with the least flash and signage would be the one with the best treat.

Less flash


Bets said...

THAT looks delicious.

Jennette said...

Oh, yes!

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