Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ding dong, the bells are gonna chime...

Ginger Chews - peanut butter

Ginger and peanut butter are cohabiting in these Chimes Ginger Chews (peanut butter flavor). I think they might get married!

This was a gift that has been languishing in Snack Jail. I liked the package design right off (the top of the tin slides open, which is cool, and I'm a sucker for its faux olde-timey aesthetic), but I had no idea that ginger + peanut butter would = a candy worth chewing. I think I tried one months ago and was intrigued but not impressed. Now I've changed my tune. The stars have shifted and I am in love. Each one I eat is better than the last.

The candy, which is dusted with a white powder of some kind, smells more peanutty [sic] than gingery, but tastes the opposite. Soft and pliable at late-July room temperature (hot), but not melted, it resists pressure just a bit at first, but soon gives way to the teeth. And the more one chews, the more that initial smooth peanut flavor takes a back seat and the ginger's zing bursts through.


Who thinks these might be the perfect snack to enjoy while watching Project Runway Australia? Well, I do!

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