Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The two-bite fight

8 bites

WholeFoods sells plastic tubs of "Two-Bite Brownies," but my problem with plastic tubs of things is that I can eat a whole plastic tub of things. So when I saw small packages of fewer similar brownies, I decided to try them out.

These Homestyle "two-bite brownies" (made in Canada) also claim on the package to be either the "original two-bite" or the "two-bite original" or the "original two-bite original." This reminds me. Hey, typographers, I don't like words printed in circles when it's unclear in what order they're supposed to be read. Unless it really does work in every direction. And the repetition of the word "original" in this seal seems unnecessary to me.

There are four brownies in a pouch, which is only 8 bites, but I got my money's worth in chewing. Which is not to say that these have much texture. They are very soft. That just happens to be how I like my store-bought brownies. The chocolate flavor is rich and not artificial, the brownie melts under mild pressure, the taste lingers for a little while, and best of all I haven't eaten 14 of them.

One of these days, I'll have to do a back-to-back test of the Homestyle brownies vs. WholeFoods' variety. My memory of the WholeFoods' Two-Bites is that they are a little bigger and slightly "crustier" on the outside, but that could be wishful thinking.


Anonymous said...

pret a manger (sp?) has a two bite brownie called the "mini" which is SO GOOD!!!

please do not neglect to include it in your eventual taste test...

Jennette said...

I appreciate tips like this!

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