Saturday, July 5, 2008

My so-called snacks


I borrowed DVDs of My So-Called Life from Steph. What can I say? The show speaks to me:

"The only really great foods are appetizers and desserts, so why bother eating anything else?" My sentiments exactly. Fried apple pies, anyone?

Fried Apple Pies -- Batch #2

Also: "So, who's into the mustard? You know what that's about. Sex. I mean, all you really need to survive is mild yellow. All this other stuff is purely recreational." I am guilty of recreational mustard:

10 mustards

And: "Refrigerators are so revealing. I can look in this refrigerator and know, like, everything about your family." We've already looked into mine. Yikes.


mnauser said...

From the Mount Horeb Mustard Museum:

Jennette said...

Nice one.

Triple Mustard Mushroom Fritters. Yum.

Mechanic said...

angela chase is wise beyond her years...

and um, apple fritters are so YUM! have any left over? :-)

Jennette said...

Sorry! I cheated. That's an older photo. I made those a while back.

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