Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sedate snack mix. Oh, I'm sorry -- "nut blend."

Pardon me. Would you happen to have any snooty-looking snack mix?

The company website is not entirely off-putting. And I like the idea of truly healthy snack mixes for hiking, camping, home, and car (etc.). I agree with them that there are a lot of underwhelming snack mixes out there. But, honestly, I feel like too much effort went into packaging this one -- and it kind of backfires.

Sahale Snacks Nut Blend Socorro Macadamia Nuts with Hazelnuts, Mango, Papaya + Southwestern Chipotle come in a package that is too brown for me, and while I expect that the shape of the container is a nod to pouches of ready-to-heat food for sale at camping supply stores, I don't love it. We're so sophisticated, according to the name and copy, but it is also kind of shaped like a tuna pouch and can barely stand on its own. My hand got a little stuck in there. Perhaps I am supposed to be using a dipping spoon, rather than my sooty paws? Do they make collapsible dipping spoons for camping?

Before I looked at their website and got their gist, the slogan, "snack better" struck me as condescending and a bit preachy (I snack just fine, thank you). I feel the colors, photo, name, and font all says they're marketing this (unnecessarily) as a "mature" snack.

Plus: not spicy enough. And double plus: one of the kinds of nuts tastes weird.

I mean, it's not that bad. But, look alive over there!

The other flavors are called Valdosta, Soledad, Sing Buri, Ksar, snd Dauphine. Hmmm.

It all adds up to a case of "too bad" because before I looked at their website, my gut reaction ran along the lines of: Where's my monocle? Whither my mustache wax? I shall eat them whilst pick-nicking on my Turkish rug. I will be wearing something flowing and ethnic-looking from the J. Peterman collection.

et cetera.

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