Tuesday, July 15, 2008


("Midnight Snack" photo credit: TWiNKiE CHAN. Posted with permission.)

I already knew that Twinkie Chan crochets the most tasty scarves that I never get to buy because they sell out so quickly or go for more money than I can relinquish on Ebay.

But today I discovered that she also has a clever blog about eating "yucky" food. Check it out: I Eat Yucky Stuff!

This woman is über adorable and snack-savvy. She has an awesome tattoo featuring ice cream (especially visible in the video on Chinese snake gall medicine), is as stylish as all get-out, and will admit openly to what she's eating. Did I leave out fearless? She taste-tested dog food! I jolly well heart her.

I mean, and now we're back to her incredible crochet, once I knit a scarf with novelty yarn that looked a little like lettuce (pictured below). But it's not like you look at it and want to both eat it and wear it forever . I can't even aspire to the fab craftiness that is Twinkie Chan.

Chrissy's "Lettuce" Scarf


sewoeno said...

i love her! shes so funny. the canned corn video.

Jennette said...


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