Friday, June 27, 2008

Black is the new green grape

Black Grapes

Current grape rankings revealed:

1. The purply-black sour grapes (with a few large seeds) that grew in our garden in Dubuque during my childhood. Skins separated easily; grapes were thick with juice. These may have been Concord grapes, but we didn't plant them. - 9/10 but unavailable to me.
2. Black grapes (seedless) - 8/10 and ranked #2 for dietary novelty and availability (in my refrigerator right now!)
3. Green grapes (seedless) - 8/10 but ranked #3 because they're so last week (down 1 rung from #2)
4. Red grapes (seedless) - 4/10
5. Red grapes (with seeds) - 2/10

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