Friday, June 20, 2008

The Chewy Menagerie, or: I Question my Humanity

Daupo brought goodies back from Costa Rica and was kind enough to share. Here are my impressions of Frulli (in 3 tropical fruit flavors), made in Brazil by Dalla Costa.


Mamão Papaya Com Creme (Papaya With Cream).

Animals featured on wrapper: Alligator/crocodile who walks upright and has protruding (drooling?) tongue; hornet or other bestingered insect with blue wings; some kind of shark or dangerous blue fish ? (illustration cut off).

Experience: Sweet, only slightly tangy, kind of tastes/has the texture of a Circus Peanut at times, though moister. Stuck to my (surface of upper left) teeth. How can it be crumbly and juicy?!

Banana Com Creme (Banana With Cream)

Animals featured on wrapper: Partially submerged hippo recovering from an injury (has band-aid on its rump); friendly-looking woodchuck/ground hog (beaver?) with protruding teeth, propping itself head and shoulders above a hole in the ground; green octopus or squid (with 6 legs) gazing heavenward and wearing a wry smile.

Experience: Does not taste much like banana. Kind of floral tasting, like a rose petal. A lot of saliva was created in my mouth to deal with this. My tongue started tingling about midway through chewing this flavor. Stuck to different teeth (outside and surface upper and lower right). Aftertaste is slightly more banana-y than before candy was swallowed.

Cereza Con Creme (Cherry With Cream)

Animals featured on wrapper: Blue, 6-legged octopus with owl-shaped head (again, could it be a squid?), looking startled or shocked; water skiing duck in goggles and green Speedo-style swim trunks; ostrich (mostly cut off by wrapper construction) glancing out of the corner of its eye to make visual contact with me (smiling - flirting?).

Experience: This was my favorite flavor. Almost a bit of sourness to the cherry. Like an old Lifesaver, but not in a bad way. Vigorous chewing made the texture grainy. Stuck to back teeth on both sides, but more on the right.

Overall: I feel uneasy. Most candies only have one animal mascot per product or flavor. Why so many in this case? And what are these animals looking at? And, finally, where do I, the human animal, belong in all of this?

in the kăk'təs

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