Friday, June 13, 2008

Feeling fruity

Impressions of the Gummy Choco Apple (by Meiji)
(purchased in Chinatown, NYC, but not from Aji Ichiban)

Gummy Choco Apple

1. Thanks, Dan. Wait. What are these? Weird. Wait. I want one.
2. Smells kind of like a malted milk ball. Or one of those speckled chocolate easter egg candies. About the size of a raisinette.
3. Yeah. It's gummy all right. But not chew-resistant. But not dissolving right away, either. While the chocolate melts in my mouth I'm chewing some gummy thing.
4. Pretty apple-y inside. Not bad. I'd eat another. The sweet apple flavor lingers.
3. Hey! If I just bite off the top, the "apple" inside this chocolate thing is white, not red as the packaging suggests.
4. Apple juice is on the ingredients list, so I guess it's not all artificial flavoring.
5. Well, now. A serving is 27 pieces. How refreshing. I can afford to share a few. Or eat a few more.
6. I could put pencils in this tube.
7. Are those chickens wearing chocolate hats?
8. Wait. That chicken's blue.
9. Those chickens (?) look pretty happy.
10. I'm pretty happy. Way to go, candy.

Gummy Choco Apple

p.s. The odd appearance of these gummy choco apples are due to them slightly melting and sticking together in the tube, which rubs some of the surface chocolate's gloss off in round patches.

n.b. Informative and interesting note from Eva on Flickr: "I like the muscat flavor. However, the odd thing is if you look at the ingredients they just list "lacquer" straight up. As in, from the lacquer beetle."

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