Wednesday, June 18, 2008


From Wien:

Dan, currently an operative abroad (treat yourself to an apfelstrudel on me!), describes Peanut Snips this way:

"I was given a thing that had the texture and shape of a cheese poof - but peanut flavor ! Not my favorite, but I ate several."



cali said...

what? dan's out of the country? maybe i'll do a guest blog about The Great Sweet Potato Pie Adventure of Ought Eight. ...maybe not.

Daniel Funder said...

I heard they were Salieri's fav.

Jennette said...

Cali, A guest blog on your pie adventure would be welcome!

Way to go with the heady references, Dan...

la duchessa said...

walker's potato chips in england come in some delectable flavors, prawn cocktail being my favorite. a post on international snacks would be most welcome. wink wink.

Jennette said...

Duly noted!

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