Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Chip Crash

Greta and I met at Ralph's for a little peanut butter cookie dough creme ice action. I came on foot. Greta came by car and with purple crutches. She was hit by a car in April, don'tcha know.

Was it coincidence that I had also brought home "New! Doritos Collisions (2 flavors - 1 bag)" as a snacking possibility? Yeah, it was, but after trying the Hot Wings + Blue Cheese variety I made a connection. I do wish the collision that Greta was in had been more tasty and less damaging (and also not with a car).


I'm the kind of potato chip fan who doesn't mind artificial flavors in a crinkly bag. If you are, too, Doritos Collisions might double your fun. Personally, I enjoyed the Blue Cheese flavor the most. It managed to have a reasonably bleu tang. The hot wing chips (more orange in color) did have a bit of spice but were not what I'd call "hot."

I figured the point was to taste the two flavors together (because otherwise how would there be a collision?), but most of the chips in the bag were too large for me to chew two comfortably. Breaking chips in half and eating half of one blue cheese with half a hot wing worked better, but crunching the two together didn't really improve the flavor experience. I'd rather just have a bag of Blue Cheese Doritos.

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