Sunday, June 29, 2008

"Let the Cartoon Begin!"

Here's another intriguing item Daupo brought back from Costa Rica. Please pardon the blurry photo. I have misplaced the wrapper and so cannot try for another.

Zoo Cartoon

Zoo Cartoon (or is it "Cartoon Zoo?") is an artificially-flavored strawberry (morango) wafer snack. I identified the flavor as strawberry before looking up the word to double-check, so that speaks to the artificial flavor technology at least being up to snuff. Kind of like a Kit Kat, the large 7-layered vanilla and strawberry cookie inside (wafer, strawberry, wafer, strawberry, wafer, strawberry, wafer) can be broken along perforated lines into smaller sticks of Zoo Cartoon.

I liked this guy. Pretty light and inoffensive. Crunches when it's supposed to. It's not my favorite wafer snack (where's a Little Debbie Nutty Bar when you need one?), but it does not fall into the category of "crazy-candy-from-another-place that I would never eat again."

The name, however, like the raccoon, is a complete mystery to me.

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